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Download the latest version of Thermo23 from here.

System requirements:
Standard Windows PC (2000/XP/Vista) and a 1-Wire-Net Adapter with serial number (ID).
Otherwise we recommend to use the Screenshots of Thermo23.




A Windows program used to explore and initialize all Thermochron iButtons.
Language: English/German , Installshield as compressed ZIP-file (4.5 MBytes)
including user manual in German language (only).
Version: 4.5c
Build: 20.07.2006

User manual in German language as separate PDF-file (3.6 MBytes).
Notice: This file is also included into

Build: 23.02.2006

Translation of Thermo23 version 4.5c is still a work in progress. However, we hope to release a English manual soon.



iButton: 1-Wire® Drivers for Windows


1-Wire-® Drivers - Link to Maxim/Dallas Software Resources
Thermo23 requires TMEX API Version 3.22 or higher.

Thermo23 does not require the "OWCOM API" or ".NET" support. See Maxim/Dallas download page for more information about this options.







You may download an evaluation version of Thermo23. However, measuring intervals of this test-version are set at a random value.



The software-license of Thermo23 is attached to the serial number (ID) of the 1-Wire-Net Adapter. After you purchase a license, we will send you a license-file by email to fully enable all functions of Thermo23.
To ensure a high security level for online payments, orders are managed by the global e-commerce service Share-It!.

If you have already installed the test-version, you may use the “Help” menu, “License Orders + Administers...” to order online. The serial number (ID) of the 1-Wire-Net adapter will automatically be added to your order.

A license-version of Thermo23 requires a 1-Wire-Net Adapter with serial number (ID).
List of supported Maxim/Dallas adapters: DS9490B, DS9490R and DS9097U-009.