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Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers

Thermochron data loggers make it simple and inexpensive to monitor anything that is temperature sensitive, including frozen foods (EN12830), biological items, or heating/freezer systems.

For applications where both temperature and humidity are important (foods, chemicals, powders, HVAC systems), the Hygrochrons deliver unprecedented performance in an unbelievably compact size.

The 16mm Thermochron iButtons attach to almost any container surface or wall-on bottles, boxes, pallets, air cargo containers, refrigerators, semi trailers, railroad freight cars, etc.



Where iButtons are used

  • Transportation of temperature- and humidity-sensitive goods.
  • Temperature and humidity logging in food preparation and processing.
  • Environmental studies/monitoring, data logging for more than 10 years.
  • Temperature logging in Cold Chain /EN12830), Food Safety, Bio Science.
  • Preventative temperature monitoring for more then 10 years and less then 30 Euro.
  • Warehouse monitoring, industrial production and pharmaceutical and medical products.
  • Temperature monitoring highly resistant to environmental hazards such as dirt, moisture, and shock. Meets UL#913 (4th Edit.); Intrinsically Safe Apparatus.




See the iButton hompage (Maxim/Dallas) for Thermochron Applications.

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