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Thermo23 Version 4.5c

Software to explore and initialize all Thermochron iButtons.

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For higher quantity orders, see pricing below.



*EUR 290,00

(*Orders from the European Union include 19% TAX/VAT)

License Key

To achieve a flexible handling of the software, a license key of Thermo23 is attached to the serial number (ID) of the 1-Wire Adapter. This allows for installations of the software on as many systems as you like. As soon as your adapter is plugged into your computer, the program recognizes a license version.

1-Test & Buy

The easiest way to order is to install a test-version of Thermo23. Plug-in your adapter, start the program and proceed with the online order from the "Help" menu, “License Orders + Administers...”.

The serial number of the adapter will automatically be added to your order and we send you a license-file by email. Just import this file to expand your copy of Thermo23 to the full version.


Online Order

You also may order online if you already got the serial number (ID) of your Adapter.

The serial number (ID) is not printed on the adapter casing, it can only be read by via software.





Number of Licenses
Price per Unit in Euro
(without 19% VAT tax)
Price per Unit in Euro
(incl. 19% VAT tax)
250,00 €
290,00 €
237,50 €
275,50 €
225,00 €
261,00 €
212,50 €
246,50 €
From 10
200,00 €
232,00 €


VAT only applies to orders from within the European Union.
A 19% VAT tax will be applied to EU orders from individuals without a VAT number.


Alternative Order (EU only)

Please address your order to:

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Fax: +49 203/20055




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